About Nick, The Whole House Fan Man™

Nick has been in business for over 20 years serving the Simi Valley, San Fernando Valley, and Ventura County areas. Nick is the most experienced whole house fan contractor in Los Angeles and he gets the best deals guaranteed. Call Now today for a free, instant quote!


Q: What is a Whole House Fan?

A: A whole house fan is a fan located in your attic which pulls the air from your house and blows it into the attic. This draws the cool air from the outside through the windows and blows the hot air from your attic, basically doing the work of both an Attic fan and a whole house fan.

Q: Will it really save me money?

A: It will bring the temperature of your house down significantly so you will use your air-conditioning less and less. The average AC unit uses 3000watts of power per hour, while whole house fans average around 400watts and some as few as 78watts of power. So yes, use it and you will save big money through the hot season.

Q: How much attic venting do I need?

A: Each unit is different based on the amount of CFM. Most homes will be able to use the existing vents, but the larger units will require bigger attic vents. BUT DON’T WORRY- WE INSTALL VENTS AT VERY REASONABLE PRICES!!!!

Q: Will I need to change my house’s framing?

A: Some air-scape fans will require minimal framing, schedule a free consultation to find out which fans will or will not require changes.

Q: Do you install these fans or sub-contract it out?

A: All jobs are completed by NGDco Inc employees and Nick is on EVERY job. We take pride in this fact.

Q: What areas of California do you install?

A: We install in the LA, Santa Barbara, & Ventura counties… more to come soon.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A: Yes, we a licensed in the State of California (License #: C10 804445) and Insured. We are approved technicians for each brand of product we provide, including Tamarack, Airscapes, and Centrics. Our product installations comes with parts and labor warranty!